We have a beautiful log home in the mountains of Southwest Virginia about two miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were there for almost a month. It was BEAUTIFUL..the weather could not have been better. It was cool every night. We opened the windows in our bedroom and enjoyed the cool, fresh breeze. During the day, we also were able to go without air conditioning. It was NOT hot or humid. We spent the time exploring the property, enjoying the finds in the woods, and the creatures that showed up on our game cameras. We had deer, but what was more exciting, was the bears that showed up this time. We had a huge older male bear who had a younger one hanging around. We also had a mother and two cubs and a bear who shows up often whom we call scrufty (his fur is scrufty)…We also watched as our contractor added a nice garage beside our log home.

However, home beckoned! We planned to leave on Sunday, August 26th and head home, getting home on Monday, August 27th. Unfortunately, we were watching Isaac all weekend and trying to decide if we should stay or go. We ended up staying until Tuesday as it seemed certain that the storm was heading west of Pensacola, Florida. We took two days to travel, coming home on Wednesday the 29th. We had no problems along the way. So, it seemed a good decision.

After arriving home, we continued to watch the weather channel and the progress of Isaac. We were happy that it had left Pensacola basically unharmed, but we were concerned about the people in Mississippi and Louisianna. There is NO good place for a hurricane to land, but we probably could have handled it better than they!

Anyway, we are back…we are adjusting again to the heat and will take awhile. We will dream again of the cool mountain air, the fungi that we discovered there, and the animals that we saw on the game cameras.

Fortunately, we did make the right decisions and timed our return to Pensacola well..hopefully Isaac is all we will have to worry about this year…but it is a long hurricane season. Guess the question will arise again…to stay or to go???


About cobracruising

I am a retired German teacher. I love to read, travel, and exercise! I grew up on a farm and love to be outdoors also enjoying plants, the birds, and beautiful and interesting places.
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3 Responses to TO STAY OR TO COME HOME

  1. Welcome home! DC is thrilled!

    • Thanks. It is nice that someone is reading my blog! Bytheway, got a card in the mail yesterday from the post office thanking me for submitting a request for a Kilroy stamp!

  2. b4hanna says:

    You should post your fungi video with this post!

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