Hello From The Mountains of Southwest Virginia

We arrived at our log home on Saturday. It is about a 12 hour drive if you drive straight here. We finally have gotten smart and stopped along the way. We had two BEAUTIFUL days. A front is coming through today which will drop the temperature to a high of 46 tomorrow. As long as it is a bit sunny, we won’t mind. We will get out in our goretex jackets with layers underneath and wander. We will put out game cameras and see what is in the area. We will “hunt” with them instead of guns. We will check out the old logging roads and see if they need any repairs. We will move limbs which have fallen over them and dig out ditches.

We are so blessed to have this place. We are so bless to live in a country like the USA where we can vote and have so much freedom of choice. We are blessed that we have enough income to pay taxes…yes, even feel blessed about that!


About cobracruising

I am a retired German teacher. I love to read, travel, and exercise! I grew up on a farm and love to be outdoors also enjoying plants, the birds, and beautiful and interesting places.
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3 Responses to Hello From The Mountains of Southwest Virginia

  1. Let me see if I can understand this. All the Canadians are in Florida. Everyone up north comes down here this time of year. They are called Snow Birds. What do they call Floridians who leave the beautiful, warm temps and white beaches and head for the cold. Hmmm, Obama voters?.

  2. Jaybob says:

    No bears on Hillview. No woods. No trout streams. No noise, other than the wind in the trees.
    Just traffic, sirens, squirrels and humidity, lots of humidity. Well, good neighbors too.

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