My Sister’s 75th Birthday

Today, my sister turns the end of the month of September, I will turn 70. It is so hard to believe. Where have the years gone? Anyway, I called her this morning to wish her Happy Birthday. Mine was the first call of the morning! We are currently in our log home in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. She asked if we had gotten any animals on the game cameras that we set out. I told her that we got a photo of a really skinny momma bear and her cub. She obviously was a first time mother. Her cub looked healthy, but she looked like she was giving it all to her baby! (How about that!). My sister commented that we should give her something more to eat…so we put out a little bit of corn and another deer block. We just picked up the camera this afternoon and saw she and her baby chowing down! We will only be here for a month, but hopefully she will get enough to last through the winter months and to continue to keep her cub healthy! Unfortunately, because of all the rain, there does not seem to be many berries or apples on the trees on our property. So, sweet sister, for your birthday, maybe we are helping to fatten up this new momma!


About cobracruising

I am a retired German teacher. I love to read, travel, and exercise! I grew up on a farm and love to be outdoors also enjoying plants, the birds, and beautiful and interesting places.
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  1. Thanks for the likes, Kilroy and Jaybob2!

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