Spiders Among Us!!!!

spider spider1 spider7 spider8 spider10 spider12 spiders4

Every time we come to our log home in Southwest Virginia, there is something new! This time, unfortunately, there are spiders all over the place! Never seen so many before. I have learned that although I do NOT fear spiders, I certainly do not like them or their webs. They are forming webs all over our cabin, so we have to watch out for them when we go out on our decks! They form webs all over the woods, so we have to watch out for them when we ride through the woods in our Polaris Ranger! I know that they are not harmful, but I do NOT like the feel of spiders or their web on me!! Although, they are beautiful as you can see in the photos that my husband took!


About cobracruising

I am a retired German teacher. I love to read, travel, and exercise! I grew up on a farm and love to be outdoors also enjoying plants, the birds, and beautiful and interesting places.
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One Response to Spiders Among Us!!!!

  1. Awwww, be nice to them, They are single mothers raising their children all by themselves. MEN! You know how useless they are. All they did was provide dinner for her after sex.

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