IMG_0881After living in Pensacola Florida for 38 years, we have decided to move to Asheville. Being a fourth generation Floridian and having many friends in Pensacola, this has not been an easy decision! We, however, do love the mountains and our grandkids and daughter and her husband are calling! It makes so much sense, but it is hard to leave good friends! We have bought a nice home in Asheville with an incredible view of mountains. So, I know once we get settled, we will love being there.
So, wish us luck! So many people mention the cold there! We are tired of the heat and humidity in Florida.
Follow up: we have lived in Asheville for almost six months. It is hard to believe we have been here that long. Finally getting the home set up like we like it. Meeting new people; back to exercising; enjoying being so close to our daughter and family. We love the mountains and being so close also to our log home. I am still keeping in touch with good friends in Pensacola and working on making new friends. My husband is loving his man cave with his special room to continue his writings.
Life is good.


About cobracruising

I am a retired German teacher. I love to read, travel, and exercise! I grew up on a farm and love to be outdoors also enjoying plants, the birds, and beautiful and interesting places.
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