Just realized that I had not written an about page. We finished the Word Press blogging class, and the teacher really stressed that we needed to have a “theme” for our blog. I told her I thought I did by naming it thoughts to share. She, knowing I was a grandmother, said I should write about my grandchildren. Like most grandmothers, I love them and am very proud of them. My husband and I have six from ages 5 to 15. I will definitely write about them from time to time. I, however, want to write about anything that “touches” me on a particular day and time. Thus, my theme is really just sharing thoughts and reactions to items, people, and issues as they pop up.

I am a retired teacher having taught English, Spanish, and German. I taught German in the International Baccalaureate Program at a local high school. It was a joyful and exciting experience, and I had wonderful students. I also love being married (almost 46 years to the same man whom I met in college). I loved raising two beautiful daughters of whom I am very proud. I also have enjoyed throughout the years and still do being involved in my church and community organizations..particularly those which help the hard working poor in our community like Habitat!

Hope you enjoy my thoughts as I post them!


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